about woodwire

Woodwire Creative is a freelance design studio of Bonnie Woodworth. The business was started in Spokane, Washington and is now located in Kalispell, Montana with a range of regional and national clients. Bonnie works to help companies create credible brands and strengthen them with meaningful marketing tools.

Bonnie takes a refreshingly straight forward approach that clients appreciate. Results are always the focus, and the measurable success of every project is taken to heart. Often, projects require a team of professionals with multiple competencies, in this case Bonnie relies on strategic partners to lend their valuable expertise in back-end development, public relations, copywriting and other areas.

Bonnie holds a BA from Eastern Washington University in Visual Communication Design and a minor in Communications. She has formally studied communication, design theory, color theory, photography, web design and typography among other disciplines. She has been working in the industry for four years with clients in many industries: software development, biotechnology, entertainment, government, finance, non-profit, and more.